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Microsoft Dynamics NAV is a comprehensive localized ERP software (Enterprise Resource Planning) for medium-sized companies, which covers company/commercial activities in terms of logistics, finance, production and possibly also human resources issues. It may be implemented quickly and easily configured and used. Properties of Microsoft Dynamics NAV help managers to identify and quickly respond to new opportunities with the intention to increase profits. Microsoft Dynamics NAV can provide company information at any time. Business and financial information is always updated and interconnected with other sales and marketing information. This solution helps you to understand what actual company/corporate numbers mean and therefore, better manage your business activities. It allows you to recognize new trends and discover new business opportunities. It has been successfully used in foreign countries.

CZ/SK localization NAV - CDL Czech/Slovak Legislature Pack and Extensions for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015 and Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016

The solution called "CZ/SK localization NAV" modifies and extends functionality of Microsoft Dynamics NAV (hereinafter referred to as NAV only) in the following areas:

  • Electronic payment system (electronic banking)
  • Sales & purchase advance payments (pre-payments)
  • Underpaid and overpaid postings
  • Inclusions (compensations)
  • Cash desk
  • CZ Intrastat reporting
  • G/L Entries application
  • Fixed Asset extensions
  • Adjust Exchange Rates
  • Financial and legislature reports
  • VAT Reporting (VAT Statements, VAT Control Statements, VIES Statements, Domestic Reverse Charge posting and reporting) incl. electronic communication with Czech Tax authority
  • The audit VAT report for CZ and SK
  • Import exchange rates from a server Czech National Bank
  • Integration with Czech Insolvency Register (ISIR) of Ministry of Justice
  • Integration with Administrative Register of Economic Subjects (ARES) of Ministry of Finance

Support for CZ/SK localization NAV

Microsoft Dynamics NAV and "CZ/SK localization NAV" Product Roadmap

Our localization solution follows the cycle of new version publications and product plan, the so-called "product roadmap" of the Microsoft Dynamics NAV information system. As soon as a new NAV version is available, the Solitea CDL updates "CZ/SK localization NAV" and, after thoroughly testing it, the new version is released. Therefore, our customers always have access to the latest functions and improvements available in the new NAV version.

Service plan

Solitea CDL offers a service plan for "CZ/SK localization NAV". The service plan is valid throughout the entire lifecycle of NAV. Services available under the service plan:

  • access to technological and legislative updates throughout the validity of the support contract
  • acceptance of the Microsoft Life Cycle agreement into a service plan contract for "CZ localization NAV"
  • access to the Internet portal to download documentation and training materials:
  • extension of NAV warranty while the service plan for "CZ/SK localization NAV" remains valid
  • regular news and information about the product


Important contacts:

Dynamics NAV support team:

Contact person:

sales       , +420 475 238 162

technical issues,     + 420 475 238 130