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Data center


Reliable servers are a core of any company information system regardless of its size. Besides basic system services (file and device sharing, DHCP/DNS, application distribution, group policy creation, etc.) we also implement enterprise directory systems, authentications, mail systems, unified communication solutions, groupware, portal solutions and document libraries.

We have extensive experience and many references eg. in construction of distributed server farms, high-availability solutions, multi-tier backup solutions and modern datacenters with complexguarantee of operating conditions.

Basic components include servers and accessories produced by Hewlett-Packard Enterprise and software produced by Microsoft. In some cases also solutions based on the Linux platform. These cover all standard business and corporate reliability categories, or they may also be provided with increased availability (high-availability) with automatic handling of certain component failure, server failureand/or failure of entire site or location. Additional increase in reliability is possible through the implementation of a topologically distributed server farm, where individual sections of the computing system are operated in different locations separated by up to hundreds of kilometers.

Nearly all server farms we implemented use virtualization, especially those using the VMware vSphere platform, which in addition to the option to create virtual servers Windows/Linux, also allows to implement a number of high-availability techniques and promote rapid recovery after a disaster of the entire datacenter. For smaller implementations in homogenous Windows environment we use the Microsoft Hyper-V platform. In justified cases, we also implement cluster solutions based on Microsoft and Linux platforms.

Primary Data Storage

Based on a wide range of HPE StorageWorks technologies we also perform data space consolidation through the use of central disk arrays. Modern technologies used to connect Storage Area Networks (SAN) by FiberChannel, iSCSI and FCoE structures offer countless opportunities for disk space sharing with a large number of servers, thus providing effective use while maintaining high reliability and performance.

We are able to solve requirements to minimize failures and data losses using disk array virtualization and/or through replication of disk spaces and databases between different locations.

We use a wide range of technologies such as:

  • distributed (virtualized) disk arrays with networked RAID (nRAID) and SDS technology (Software Defined Storage)
  • disk array mirroring with failover functionality incl. metroclusters
  • replication of virtual machines for increasing their availability
  • manual and automatic tiering to optimize data distribution between spaces with different technical and economic parameters
  • snapshots used to reduce the interval necessary to return to the original data (RPO),
  • native replication functionality of applications such as MS Exchange and MS SQL,

Backup and archiving data

We also deliver comprehensive solutions for backup, archiving and data recovery, which may also be used in heterogeneous environments Microsoft&Linux. Typically, these solutions represent

  • a multi-tier Disk-To-Disk-To-Tape with following archiving on WORM media
  • using VSS for backup of opened files and databases
  • image backup with granular recovery GRT
  • solution for deduplication of datastore with backup data
  • backup and replication to the cloud
  • guaranteed storage CAS (Content-Addressable Storage) used to work with data packages, which require governed manipulation and retention.
  • archiving optical media with 1000 years guarantee


An integral part of the backup solution is the software controlling of the entire process, where we use proven and hi-tech products such as ARCserve UDP a Veeam Backup&Replication. Platforms used by us for backup operations allow to backup open files, databases and mailing systems, and to address early recovery issues after fatal defect (Disaster Recovery) as well as a wide range of different media handling processes. But most importantly - these platforms fully support backup of virtualized and also physical environment.

As far as performance and capacity is concerned our offer is almost unlimited - we commonly deliver solutions with capacities tens up to hundreds of terabytes. When delivering backup solution we also guarantee transfer rate compatibility with disk storages, which is often a critical factor of functionality by high-speed LTO drives.

Server room

Stable and reliable operation of servers and core communication elements requires these elements to be placed in a data center, the design and construction of which is a very demanding process. Solutions delivered by us comply with Uptime Institute recommendations and  TIA 942 standard respectively and include all necessary construction work, supply of rack enclosures and open frame racks for the applicable technologies,Uninterruptible Power Supplies in normal and redundant configurations, power distribution units (PDU) with controlled start sequence, power generation equipmentand KVM switches for local sharing andremote controlof server farms.

Within the design and location of the data center, dozens of aspects should be evaluated, such as

  • electric power supply
  • availability of communication infrastructure
  • location in terms of external risks
  • maximum load of structural elementsof building
  • loading corridors
  • fire safety system
  • physical protection possibilitiesand others.


With the ever increasing power density of modern servers designed as DensityLine and Blade, power dissipation of server racks also increases and may reach values of ​​20kW per rack. This dramatically changes the approach towards cooling inside the rack as well as cooling of the entire data center and requires solutions for not yet addressed problems in existing projects. Data center building also include complex security systems in terms of passive and active protection - ESS, video surveillance, fire alarm and extinguishing systems, flood protection, access control, etc.

We have extensive experience in the construction of tens of data centers and also with reconstructions done under full operation. Therefore, you do not need to fear your decision to convert the maze of servers, cables, and uninterruptible power supplies into a modern, compact, well-arranged and reliable data center!