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Data communication

Active components for data communication

We provide complex services necessary for building and operating of even large-scale communication networks LAN/WAN/WLAN used for operation of corporate information systems, production systems or covering campus areas. We have extensive experience with design, implementation and operation of data networks consisting of thousands of active nodes located in dozens of interconnected sites, including high-available solutions required in challenging industrial environments, often implemented under full operation. In a short time, we are able to design, implement and construct communication solutions for office buildings, industrial halls and facilities.

Typical solutions are based on a combination of LAN&SAN FC networks, or recently very often on converged communication LAN&SAN iSCSI/FCoE with 10GE backbone channels. Standard features include virtualization technologies and durable components resulting in high-availability solutions, making the entire communication solution free of SPOF’s (Single Point Of Failure).

Links and connections between distant locations are done by using a variety of transmission technologies - with protected VPN Internet channels, by leasing data channels from professional public data service providers, including the use of satellite connections as well the construction of private connections via cable and wireless routes within free or reserved channels using optical, infrared and laser links.

Application of wireless communication technologies in unlicensed (free) bands using 2.4/5 GHz according to IEEE 802.11 standards, offer an inexpensive way to link buildings tens of kilometers apart, while utilizing effective speeds up to Gbps, but mostly it offers extensive options to deploy these technologies in large-scale storage and production halls, conference rooms, historical monuments and buildings, and in small facilities. These technologies may supplement or completely replace cable LAN networks, while offering better flexibility and lower cost. Efficient use of Wi-Fi networks is often needed in temporary spaces or during construction projects. We have extensive experience with construction of large Wi-Fi systems in office and industrial buildings, including technologies for mobile data collection systems (portable barcode readers, warehouse stacker tablets, etc.). Commonly, we use clusters and central WLC controllers in combination with LWAP passive access points and management allowing central SSID administration, coverage management and guest users administration.

The basis of our communication solutions are elements made by Cisco Systems and Hewlett-Packard Enterprise enhanced with a variety of specific components produced by other manufacturers.

Cable system installations

Based on our projects, and with the support of certified contractors under our management, we provide installation of structured cabling systems on RIT, PANDUIT and SYSTIMAX platforms. Usually, this concerns unshielded and shielded systems belonging to the 5e, 6 and 7 categories, optical paths MM and SM in campuses and large buildings, and all other related low voltage wirings, telephone networks and other equipment for buildings (ESS, EPS, CCTV). We also have extensive experience with data center reconstruction projects done under full operation or during short weekend shutdowns.