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Enduser workplace

Corporate user

Enduser workplace for business users is usually based on a PC, a notebook or thin client, equippedwith typical local peripherals (printers, scanners, multifunction devices, displays, etc.). The professional solution to this seemingly simple ICT area must take into account the total cost of ownership (TCO) because managing multiple nodes for several years represents a critical cost factor. Therefore, our offer also includes modernization of logistics services and replacement of enduser workplace within a large-scale environment and throughout the entire service life cycle.

Our solutions for this field are based on Hewlett-Packard products and on other components produced by different manufacturers and fitted with software, mostly produced by Microsoft.

As far as logistics, finance, skilled labor and technical issues are concerned, we are ready to implement large-scale deliveries, or replacement of stations in commercial environments very quickly, including data migration from original stations as well as integration of new devices into existing environments. We have plenty of references demonstrating successful enduser nodes modernizations including data migrations and implementations of central monitoring systems followed by maintenance services.

We often use server-based solutions for virtualization of presentations, which we implement using Microsoft Remote Desktop Services often with virtualization (encapsulation) of applications. Thanks to this technology we are able to make any business applications running Windows platform accessible to a wide range of clients (including handheld devices) even through a remote and very slow connection (in tens of kbps per user). The newest trend in virtualization is the virtualization of the entire desktop environment using VDI technology that is appropriate solution in specific cases.

Mobile and private users

Mobility of users, the ability to work with company IS and support for specific functions during travels (data collection, outpatient sales) is a necessary component of today's modern and effective work style experienced by many professionals - business representatives, management employees, technical and service employees or even work positions dealing with goods distribution services.

Our solution for a mobile client is based on the use of notebooks and handheld devices made by Hewlett-Packard as well as by other manufacturers - based on customer preferences. If you have special requirements and need to use robust devices, we offer products made by Zebra. In order to use these mobile devices, our solutions allowing you communicate with company system are complemented with wireless technologies (Wi-Fi, GPRS), mobile device data protection system, portable printers and also with centralized data backup feature used to backup data on mobile clients.

As a common task we offer solutions for the integration of a variety of mobile devices used to access corporate resources, such as mail, multimedia communications, short messaging system, access to intranet portal or to ERP and CRM information system. This task (in addition to achieving functional status of the actual integration) also requires security solutions for its own access (VPN, DirectAccess, https), and solution to handle certificates, antivirus protection and many other issues. This is even more pertinent if a customer wants to follow the current trends and wants to allow using private devices to work with corporate IT, so-called BYOD (Bring Your Own Device).

Printing services

We offer professionally designed solutions for corporate printing issues - printers for workgroups, powerful multifunctional units, large-format laser and ink printers and plotters. Business and corporate solutions also include systems used for managing and monitoring printers or to monitor printing costs of individual users, workgroups or centers. The solution also allows publishing of the information on a company intranet portal. This solution allows you to save tens of % of your printing costs.

For our customers who are still deciding what system to purchase, we also offer calculation and budgeting services of the relevant printing costs and for different versions of selected printing solutions. Usually this process reveals that better devices (faster, longer-lasting) offer lower TCO at the end. It is also necessary to check the compatibility of the printing solution with the application environment where complications may occur, mainly when you print forms and with terminal systems environment. After delivery we also provide support services and supply consumable materials in order to make sure that your printers are always functional and that you do not have to invest in stocks of consumables.

Deliveries of printing solutions are based on products manufactured by Hewlett-Packard and PaperCut.

Network cameras solutions

Network video cameras with web interface and video servers offer a wide variety of applications such as commercial operation monitoring, building security monitoring or presentation purposes. Network cameras can easily replace traditional video surveillance CCTV or enhance ESS (Electronic Security Systems). As a new and trendy feature, they also offer interesting possibilities mostly used to increase productivity e.g. through centralized monitoring of operational/production units supervised by the management virtually from anywhere.

Different types of cameras made by AXIS or Sony, both for indoor and outdoor uses are delivered with software produced by third parties. The final solution allows the user to record events in digital format and to evaluate events and recordings. An automatic notification system notifies dispatch about changes occurring in the monitored field. This system also offers many other interesting applications and uses.

We can offer interesting references from production and commercial environments, campuses or public spaces where these video surveillance systems are used. Our delivery of these solutions also deals with legal issues such as protection of personal identities according to law.

Barcodes solutions

We also offer barcode implementations for distribution and production environments, including barcode sensors and printers, mainly made by ZEBRA. We have extensive experience with implementations of barcode solution in large distribution warehouses, where technical components are connected wirelessly to the corporate network or are simply placed on warehouse trolleys or carts.

In connection with warehouse management software solutions, we can also offer connection of your system to ERP systems or supply the entire warehouse or production system, including software installation.

As with any other solutions delivered by us, we also provide maintenance services (usually through part replacement delivered from our service warehouse) and supply consumable materials including consulting services helping you to choose the best replacement parts.