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Software licensing

Software Inventory

Due to legal reasons and business ethics, one of key responsibility of company managements is to use legal software only. To achieve this goal, we offer inspection and inventory of all installed software, comparison with the current and verifiable status in terms of licensing arrangements and most importantly, recommendations for how to achieve the optimal path to legalization.

To conduct an inventory inspection we use a specialized software (available for purchase or rent) which is able to prepare a list of installed software and toanalyses the use of licenses and optionallya hardware inventory. Another important input for the inventory process is search and evaluation of evidence for software purchases followed by verification in applicable registration systems handled by the relevant software manufacturers.

Based on the results provided by the inventory inspection, our trained specialists will offer the best approach for license optimization, which includes the following:

  • maximum utilization of already purchased software
  • cost for license ownership and license administration
  • preferences in terms of software ownership type
  • cash-flow options
  • individual discount and benefit manufacturer programs

It is not unusual (especially, when corporations and companies change owners, after acquisition or delimitation etc.) that software registration in manufacturer systems does not correspond with the current legal status and that certain legal approaches are needed in order to achieve the correct status.

Therefore, software inventory inspection is a very effective investment. Software purchases done according to our proposal usually save a lot of resources when compared with nonsystematic purchases.

Corporate licensing

To select an optimal licensing model for companies with hundreds to thousands of users, we must have detailed knowledge of multi-license programs offered by individual software manufacturers and a certain approach towards special project prices, which are in general, limited only to selected partners with the applicable certification. Our company is one of the few companies on the Czech market which has been dealing with this type of commodity for many years and has provided licenses to a number of major organizations with thousands of users. We also possess the necessary funds to implement large-scale deliveries and projects.