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Microsoft Dynamics CRM

The highly successful Microsoft Dynamics CRM has become a "new" product of Microsoft Dynamics 365 at the end of 2016, which represents a new generation of enterprise applications in the cloud. This application is integrated into the Customer Engagement Business Applications, called Microsoft Dynamics for Sales. Therefore, Microsoft Dynamics CRM technology is on the move, offering its customers everything that has been going on and growing under the Microsoft Dynamics 365 brand.

CRM for support of business and service companies

Work and communication with customers is an integral part of business processes across companies across sectors. The solution based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 online or on premise (formerly Microsoft Dynamics CRM) includes the basic features that are required for quality and continuous customer care. It is possible to implement only selected functionality with possible additional extensions.

CRM for the support of business and service companies from CDL effectively expands and simplifies work with Microsoft Dynamics 365:

  • Information available from anywhere, anytime, including customer payment information

Customer information is available from anywhere, anytime. During a business meeting trip, the user can get a comprehensive overview of the customer - from e-mail communication, through bidding and ordering to payment information, or, for example, in insolvency.

  • Integration into ARES and EU Portal

For the initial assignment of a customer to the system is sufficient knowledge of his ID (if the customer is a domestic company) or a VAT number (if it is a foreign entity). The solution ensures the completion of the correct basic customer data from the public registers.

  • Sophisticated system for duplicate control and modification of all fields for CZ standards

Data is sophisticately checked for duplicates - this ensures that the customer/contact is registered only once in the system.

  • Ready to manage product and bidding solution - get started quickly

Acceleration of product and bid management can create an extensive offer efficiently and well. The standard feature is to get all available information such as customer pricing, payment terms, etc., just by selecting a specific customer. Bidding is scalable for different sales methods. It is possible to use product lines, work with related products and accessories, or merge products into action packages and sets.

  • Menu templates

The offer can be printed on a pre-prepared template that is ready for customization according to the company's corporate identity. The offers can be quickly changed or copied, all changes are recorded.

  • Pre-arranged dashboards

Summary information for management about fulfilling the sales plan, the performance of the individual dealers or the team is available in the prepared dashboards.

  • Integration with SharePoint - DocSafe

The solution allows you to attach files to individual records in Microsoft SharePoint Server, Office 365 SharePoint Online, or within a file system. The files are stored at the same time as the selected data - metadata.

  • Integration into ERP systems

The solution has preprepared standardized integration bridges to:

  • Microsoft Dynamics NAV

  • Helios Orange