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Office 365

Microsoft Office 365

The use of on-line services has become a standard. That's why we're on this trend
also adapted the portfolio of our company's services. We have expanded our knowledge and
the practical experience of our team with the ability to realize projects
implementing systems to support collaboration on modern platform Microsoft Office 365.

Microsoft is constantly expanding its range of services and applications
included in Microsoft Office 365 and among the main pillars belong:

  • Electronic Mail with Time Planning
  • Solutions for portal building and document management
  • Tools for sending short messages, online presentations and online collaboration
  • Personal cloud document storage
  • Tools for managing and communicating project teams
  • In-house social network

Our teams have experience with projects of varying size and level of integration and are ready for our customers to:

  • Implement email services, send short messages, and schedule your time
  • Build an intranet portal and document management
  • Make it easy to organize webinars and online conferences
  • Provide access to O365 services and ensure central unified logging into both local and online environments
  • Ensure migration of services and data from on-premise solutions to Office 365
  • Build a hybrid environment that works with, for example, an internal portal or other applications.

Since e-mail and portal applications are often used as a critical application, we obviously offer support services for Office 365 solutions with guaranteed response times. At the same time, we offer the Office 365 Comprehensive Backup Service based on the AvePoint product, more information here.