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Service outsourcing

Taking over responsibilities for operability of a specific technology or functional IT area is the main focus of CDL. Already for two decades, we have been providing outsourcing services including hotline emergency services, security and maintenance services, system support, continuous deliveries of supplies and spare parts, prophylaxis, and consulting and other specialized services to dozens of major companies.

During the entire period of providing these services, we have created a sophisticated logistics management system and thanks to long-term pressure on quality, professionalism and efficiency of our resources, we know that providing technical and IT system support is the most important and best product in our Infrastructural division. Last but not least, our service contracts are easy to comprehend and well-balanced, which we consider a necessary base for long-term cooperation.

Key factors we regard as the most important ones:

  1. Guaranteed high-quality professional services because all our employees possess international professional certificates necessary in their field of business. Therefore, it is impossible that services will be carried out by someone without a proper certificate or skills.
  2. Interchangeability of employees allowing us to make sure that services are provided even during emergencies, illness, concurrence of incidents, etc.
  3. Foreign language skills are required from all our employees as they allow them to work abroad and in international companies. A communicative level of English is required as a minimum (in every professional field at least one employee also speaks German)
  4. Stable teams - are created for each customer in order to limit the maximum number of employees working at the relevant customer facility, in order to avoid loss of information and to make sure that employee performance is consistent.
  5. Efficient logistics is supported through implementation of service processes into the helpdesk solution Mantis, where records are kept, requirements are transferred and where the status and quality of SLA fulfilment is monitored and MS Dynamics NAV where executed tasks are filed and accounting is done.
  6. Regular and consistent controlling is done at four levels with the intention to limit failure and incompliance with SLA as much as possible. The number of complaints on our services varies in levels of less than 1 per mille of the reported incidents, which corresponds to top quality providers.

Outsourcing services are provided only under contract with adjustable parameters and with flexible billing. SLA parameters fall within the following range

  • coverage time from 9x5 to 24x7
  • remote service from 1 hour
  • intervention onsite from a few hours (based on arrival time)
  • option of penalized fix time guarantee between 8 - 12 hours

For customers with a signed service contracts we provide a number of other services such as documentation management, preparation of studies and investment plans, and (especially for Czech branches of foreign companies) also professional contact with IT employees of headquarter.

In the context of outsourcing services, our staff is often permanently present at the customer workplace and often our employees are used as a temporary replacement for internal IT employees due to illness or vacation.