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Studies and projects in IT

Our customer may also use us as a consulting center whenever they need to solve a specific problem or during preparation of long-term development plans. The output is then project plans, investment plans or comprehensive OI2 study. Processing of an OI2 study is based on time-proven GIMM methodology used by Gartner, modified to our specific conditions.

OI2 methodology is used for systematic assessment of all aspects of ICT with the intention to align customer needs related to main business activities with the actual status of ICT - as a supporting activity. It includes a system used for objective assessment, standardized analysis, objective classification and specific outputs with recommendations for improvements added with cost estimates and evaluation of priorities. Ideally, the final OI study serves as a medium-term (2-5 years) plan for ICT development and it is an ideal base for a decision-making process implemented by the client's management.

Also ICT/IS security requires very specific expert knowledge in terms of products, tools and experiences, which our team clearly has. Based on ISO27000 standards, we are ready to prepare for you an analysis of assets, risk study, propose countermeasures focusing on technical solutions or processes, or fully ensure implementation according to ISO27000 and also possibly cooperate with an independent auditing company of the customer.

A common issue is the operational availability, which we solve by using recommendations of Uptime Institute, resp. of EIA/TIA-942 standard, a derivation of previous.Measures to ensure preparedness for extreme situations (catastrophic failure and disruption) are then basedon the procedures of the Business Continuity Management (BCM) BS25999 according to standards BS25999/2577 and ISO27031, that we implement in the form of partial Emergency plans into the whole BCM solution of the company.

Since our establishment in 1992, we have been organizing popular and well-attended professional technical seminars and conferences mostly led by our top specialists, and often with expert support from our suppliers. Within the framework of these seminars we are presenting a comprehensive solution for different ICT areas, which differ from the majority of similar events because they offer a number of live demonstrations which help you to understand how these technologies work in practice. During some seminars we demonstrate the entire process of installation, configuration and use of a selected subsystem. If we do not have any seminars scheduled for a solution that you are interested in, or if you want to consult directly specific aspects, we will prepare a workshop tailored exactly to your needs and where we will show you exactly what you need to see including specific samples/demonstrations relevant to the selected topic.