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Unified communication

Mail and time management

Implementation of the Microsoft Exchange environment is not limited only to regular mail features or to time management issues, but it also uses additional functionalities available under the unified communication management concept. Therefore, users may accept and playback voice messages in the review window, playback voice messages on a telephone, or configure voice mail settings.

An additional level of unified communication is provided by the Microsoft Skype for Business (former Lync). This platform allows efficient integration of SMS communication (Instant Messaging), voice services using computer and mobile or regular landline telephone (Enterprise Voice), as well as organization of audio or web conferences. Therefore, you may easily extend communication features offered by the Exchange platform and save considerable travel costs, and expand your training options through the use of web seminars, etc.

Additional improvement of the use of email is the integration of email with MS SharePoint portal, which allows you to specify central mail storages, for example, a storage where communications between all team members with a particular customer, or focusing on a particular topic, will be automatically stored.

Another topic for implementation is the issue of email archiving, which is used to keep records of communications carried out by employees, or to delete old mails from mailboxes in order to maintain quotation limits and reasonable response times.

Multimedia communication and instant messaging

Basic platform of our solution for multimedia communication is Microsoft Skype for Business (former Lync), linked to the MS Exchange email system. Then, in order to arrange professional videoconferences we offer Polycom systems, which represent the most advanced technology in this area for tens years. Our solutions for IP telephony - based on a comprehensive line of products produced by Cisco Systems, not only replace regular phone switchboard, but also offer a wide variety of new options.