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Holding & Developer v NAV

Vertical solutions for holding-type companies based on knowledge and experience from implementation of Microsoft Dynamics for these types of companies. A typical feature of this solution is the ability to handle tens or hundreds of companies in one information system. It streamlines and simplifies master data management, and significantly reduces the data error rate and creation of duplicities, which are mostly created if you handle large number of companies. The solution takes into account requirements for fast and flexible reporting carried out across individual companies and groups of companies in terms of different criteria. The solution also includes functions for efficient entry of new companies into the record-keeping system, their merging or division and vice versa, as well as termination of the record of the relevant company, for example if the company is sold.

For developer-type companies the solution includes bulk billing and rebilling modules, support for management and project implementation including budgeting, credit management and a tool for cash-flow management. The solution may be integrated with special CAFM software.