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Manufacturing in NAV

ERP implementation for manufacturing companies is a process requiring a highly skilled and experienced implementation team. The majority of production management modules have been implemented by our company in engineering and electrical companies, as well as in light industry companies. Here, the implementation process focuses on so-called discrete manufacturing. The standard solution was extended here with many modifications and auxiliary applications. For example, an application dealing with tool checkout procedures, application for management and recordkeeping, and an application for material separation/cutting procedures.

We also offer solutions for chemical, food processing and pharmaceutical industries. Processing manufacture is usually implemented together with quality management applications (QMS). This solution covers chemical or food productions. Besides standard features such as material consumption issues, production planning, product checkout, etc., the application allows the user to monitor and test product compositions, classifications, and monitor quality indicators and standards. Another feature necessary for the manufacturing process is to monitor material flows through the production process, allowing the user to identify and track products later