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Professional services in NAV

Field oriented solution is designed for companies providing professional services in various fields and also for companies offering warranty and post-warranty services for sold or manufactured products. This solution provides users with the convenience of having detailed information about monitored company activities and at the same time it provides high-quality essential documents necessary for management of these companies. Standard functionality of Microsoft Dynamics has been significantly expanded and it now supports ad-hoc management of service orders, management of custom manufacturing and repairs, reservation system, preparation of bulk supplies, retail sales, barcode utilization, etc.

A highly specialized section of vertical solutions focusing on professional services is called SITE (Solutions for IT Enterprises). It is an extension of the Microsoft Dynamics information system, which is a vertical (specialized) solution for the following types of companies:

  • System suppliers and system integrators
  • Software sellers and project service suppliers
  • Companies providing professional services

SITE has been focusing on individual IT disciplines for many years. This enabled SITE to collect many experiences. SITE is now taking one of the leading market positions in terms of high-tech processes and in terms of IT business. This newly acquired knowledge led to the emergence of highly effective solutions, which help customers minimize risks and save costs. By implementing the SITE solution the customer will get the following benefits:

  • Transparent and clear description of business and service IT processes occurring within the company
  • Tool to control, manage and monitor the cost of individual project and business cases
  • Tool to manage projects and monitor capacities
  • Significant reduction of errors, or confusing and ambiguous situations in terms of goods deliveries, purchases and services, or during product development processes
  • ISO process support
  • One information system for all processes within the company

A similar specialized solution is represented by Handling technology - assembly, sales, service. It is a specialized solution for a comprehensive corporate information system for medium and large size companies dealing with shipping and manipulation/handling services. It has been designed for companies providing trading, assembly, manufacture or various services followed by after-delivery maintenance services. The user of the system uses modules for financial management and fixed assets, CRM, purchasing and sales, product range configurator, product and material storage module, customer vehicle fleet management, and customer product management, service management during the pre-sales and post-sales phase, solution for contract record-keeping and central document registry, rental management, and solution for replacement of products and their components.