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Waste management in NAV

The basis of vertical solution for the waste disposal companies is the upgrade of Microsoft Dynamics information system - enwis). enwis) is a field oriented software intended for the companies focused on the collection and disposal of wastes. The basic field solution for commercial collection of wastes is further available in the variant for waste collection and processing for towns and municipalities, then in the variant for the companies specialized in waste recycling, and in the variant for the companies specialized in the metallic waste collection and processing.

The entire solution is embraced as unified economical information system for the medium-sized and large enterprises with a number of possible integrations into the map systems, vehicle movement monitoring systems, weighing systems, etc. The solution basis is the Microsoft Dynamics NAV information system that covers the standard economical, logistic, and business processes of the enterprise. enwis) is developed and integrated in the information system environment.

Utilization of a standard international enterprise information system complemented with a coverage of all the important processes in the area of waste disposal offers a capability of highly effective establishment management with detail on-line information on the processes running in this highly specific environment. It allows maintenance of highly effective activities that prevents increase of the costs by offering transparent views of all the business fields facilitating by doing so optimum process control both individually and using their mutual relationships. enwis) is a powerful enterprise management tool even in its standard functionality. Nevertheless, the system explicitness can be used to create specific functionalities according to the individual requirements of the customer. The solution replaces the frequently applied ineffective concept of employing the separately standing field software for individual fields of business without any mutual relationships and data entered in duplicate manner.

enwis) was created upon the deep knowledge of its creators of the waste disposal industry and in cooperation with customers with experience of daily use of enwis). The precise and complete data and information are crucial factor to success for the waste disposal business. enwis) assures that the system user is equipped in each and every moment with the necessary data on customers, suppliers, provided services and further things such user needs to do his/her work correctly. The success of enwis) speaks of the need of such solution in the market. enwis) is implemented in more than 400 companies throughout Europe, Northern America and in Australia.