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Wholesale in NAV

The vertical solution for wholesale companies is a powerful and effective tool for company management policies. Standard features offered by Microsoft Dynamics are extended with additional applications, which significantly enhance basic functionalities. These mainly include Dynamic analysis used to support the management decision-making process, Centralized purchasing allowing the user to manage joint purchasing activities of various branches, e-shops and their modifications, which is also used to operate regular web shops, franchise chain management, and B2B customer services.

An inseparable part of this solution designed for wholesale companies is the application of barcode technology deeply embedded in logical processes. An important application for wholesale companies is the Dynamically operated warehouse. Dynamically operated warehouse brings new options and views in terms of goods storage. By using this application, logistics and shipping processes are streamlined and simplified, error rate is reduced and the movement of goods is optimized according to various criteria. Dynamically operated warehouse allows the user to create a 3-D virtual model of the relevant warehouse and take into account constructional elements in the warehouse, communication channels, various types of storage racks, etc. This system also inspects geometrical properties (size), weight, quality and shelf life due to different placement requirements.

A welcomed addition to information system used by wholesale companies is a feature called manager information system, sometimes referred to as BI. An entire separate chapter is dedicated to the manager information system.