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W.A.G. Payment Solution

The company W.A.G. Payment Solutions, Inc. (hereinafter W.A.G.) chose Microsoft Dynamics NAV, which together with a business solution for companies trading with fuel was implemented by CDL SYSTEM Inc. In a mutual cooperation with CDL were implemented many new functionalities requested by the gradual development of services and international expansion W.A.G. Collaboration continues with the introduction of dozens of other innovative projects annually.

W.A.G. is the creator of payment solutions for mobility brand Eurowag. Customers of W.A.G. use during their travels across Europe easy and totally secure solution for cashless payments fuels, road tolls and other services. W.A.G. represents a technology and innovation leader in the industry, developing its business activities in 25 countries in Europe. More information about W.A.G. can be found at

Marius Pedersen

The company Marius Pedersen Inc. (hereinafter MP) used since 2014 economic information system Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 for the management of financials of the company. The project was implemented by CDL SYSTEM Inc. This implementation is one of the stages of an extensive project of company-wide information system, which also covers the agenda of customer relationship management, document management, economic information system, waste management and management information system. Before the final stages of the implementation of vertical solution for waste management was upgraded core information system to NAV2016. At present, the implementation of the branch of the solution is being completed.

The company MP became the leader in the Czech market between bodies dealing with waste management. After 2000, the company expanded its services to other areas - maintenance of the green, summer and winter maintenance and repair of roads, maintenance of public lighting and facility management for industrial enterprises and public institutions. More information about MP can be found at


Group CENTROPOL has dynamic development and it was necessary to increase the availability of ICT, increasing the data storage capacity and performance of servers, and increase the scalability of ICT for future projects. Therefore was implemented the project of building a separate data centers - disaster recovery solution. In this project, the company CDL delivered and implemented two server farm with the virtual data storage that is used to operate information systems. Key systems include CRM for customer service, economic information system and tools for managing document flow. Due to the growing number of customers are intensively used systems and databases and infrastructure requirements are growing significantly.

The business of group CENTROPOL this saling of electricity, gas and telecommunications services to households, businesses and wholesale customers. The company is one of the most successful alternative traders on the Czech market and serves a very large customer base throughout the country. CENTROPOL has been regularly ranked in the prestigious CZECH TOP 100 Most Significant Companies in the Czech Republic. More information can be found at


By implementing solution for managing sales, marketing and production activities, the group LASVIT received a tool that allows cover external business and implementation processes for highly personalized projects in various parts of the world, while maintaining the necessary internal standardization processes. Company management has an overview of the status of sales opportunities, customers, projects and their implementation, all in real time. For sales and production teams of LASVIT brings this solutions faster and better access to relevant information on projects and improve cooperation. The new management tool was implemented by CDL with solutions based on Microsoft products, specifically Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Microsoft SharePoint.

LASVIT is a leading manufacturer of luxury light installations and a collection of lights, who received a number of prestigious awards. Projects implemented by LASVIT can be seen all over the world - in luxury private residences, public spaces, luxury hotels and modern boutiques and other extraordinary interiors. More information can be found at


Cooperation between KS Kolbenschmidt (hereinafter KSPG) and CDL was launched in 2007 as a complete outsourcing of IT services. CDL fully assume responsibility for on-site support and end-user workstations, running help-desk, remote management of server environments and IT cooperation with the parent company and the outsourcers. CDL provides SLA for addressing failures outside normal working hours, consulting activities for the development of IT systems and the design and deployment of security practices and guidelines.

KSPG is an internationally recognized manufacturer of pistons. It is part of Rheinmetall Automotive AG, a leading supplier of automotive industry with a global presence. That position is based on strict requirements for managing supplier and customer relations. IT technologies are therefore a key tool for process management in the organization and their reliability and functionality significantly affect the performance of the company. More information can be found at

AGC Glass Europe

For the AGC Group, we provide server and storage technology for central data centers and individual manufacturing sites in many European destinations. Technology is delivered to this customer as a commodity, but also as a service of providing computing capacity.

Headquartered in Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium, AGC Glass Europe manufactures, processes and markets flat glass for the construction sector (exterior and interior applications), the automotive industry (original and replacement glass) and various industries (transport, solar and high-end technology). More information about AGF can be found at

Krajská zdravotní

Regional Medical Society, Inc. It operates five largest hospitals in the Usti region. A key challenge for the IT department was to ensure the central highly available and well managed systems for all users. Those long face problems with the performance of applications that use the older central database system. The complex was the management of electronic mail, which originally dealt with each hospital its own postal system and after an association of hospitals under the Regional Health, Inc. it was therefore necessary to manage the five originally separate systems in different versions, which was expensive and time consuming. 

The company Krajská zdravotní, as was established on 1 September 2007 by transformation of five hospitals into one unit. The formation of this umbrella company was decided by the Ústí Region Assembly. Five hospitals, which before the transformation as independent entities under the jurisdiction of the Ústí Region, contributory organizations have become branch offices of Krajská zdravotní, as. These are namely Děčín Hospital, Masaryk Hospital in Ústí nad Labem, Teplice Hospital, Most Hospital and Chomutov Hospital. With regard to the geographical distribution in the region, the hospitals of the Krajské zdravotní, a. s. More information on Krajská zdravotní can be found at

Krajský úřad Ústeckého kraje

Ústí Regional Authority (hereinafter KÚÚK) realized during the years 2013 and 2014 with CDL project of the Technology Centre Usti Region (TCUK) to ensure robust, scalable, highly available and secure ICT infrastructure for the operation eGON center of the region, allowing the operation of key applications and information systems in continuous 24x7. Implementation of a new technology center included the construction of a new central IT infrastructure, guaranteed purchase new store, modernization and extension filing services, launching regional integration and digitization unit operated systems.

In 2019, the project "Operational Support and Development of the Economic Information System of the Ústí Region II" was implemented, and the project was successfully completed on 30 June 2019.

KÚÚK is a national organization, ensuring the operation of the higher territorial unit - Usti Region. IT technology for its operation employs about 550 workers organization, but central systems accessible to thousands of users from a region controlled organizations. More information can be found at

EMOS Group

Solitea CDL completed the project of implementation of information system in EMOS group. After many years of using Navision and long-term cooperation with our company, the EMOS Group decided to reimplement the internationally successful economic information system. The deployment of Microsoft Dynamics NAV in the whole group took 2 years. In the first year, the system was implemented in companies in the Czech and Slovak Republics. In the second year, a roll-out was made to the group companies in Poland, Hungary and Slovenia.
The main focus of the project was on logistics processes, which are the basis of success for a wholesale company. From the logistics processes, the system mainly supports transport processes, goods entry checks, warehouse management and goods picking processes, complaint processes, pricing. In addition, the system supports business processes for sales representatives using mobile devices, is integrated with B2B and B2C e-shops and last but not least, the system provides support for EDI electronic data exchange.
Solitea CDL was the main supplier of the entire solution for the EMOS Group. The roll-out solution to Poland, Hungary and Slovenia was implemented by local implementation partners in the form of implementation of legislative processes in the information system and accounting settings.

The story of the purely Czech company EMOS began in 1991 in Přerov. Over the years it has become a modern business company, which has grown into a group with four foreign branches. Through its products, it gradually reached every household. In 2017, the EMOS holding was created. The parent company is EMOS CZ Group a.s., which holds 100% shares in EMOS spol. s r.o., EMOS property, EMOS SK, EMOS PL, EMOS HU and EMOS SI. The establishment of the holding allows more efficient management of business policy across the group, centralization of logistics processes, exploiting the synergy of single, central purchasing and allows to benefit from the capital and economic strength of the EMOS Group. More information is available at


The development and growth of ELCOM, as was not sufficiently supported by original information technologies. Therefore, the company decided to introduce a new unified enterprise information system, which should cover business and implementation processes. The decision on the new system also included the choice of Microsoft technologies and with it the choice of products of the Dynamics 365 family, namely Microsoft Dynamics NAV Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales, Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft Azure cloud services.

The company demanded from the new information system openness, flexibility and the possibility of further development. An important requirement was also the modernization of systems for cooperation and exchange of documents, the emphasis was on providing properly structured information. The system was to be operated without having to have its own data center, thus enabling easy operation and management of IT technologies.

The realized project helped ELCOM a.s. in particular, the acquisition of tools to support the business growth of the company, to unify the processes of the group companies and to make workflow and approval processes available.

ELCOM was founded in 1990 as a limited liability company. The original intention was to create an engineering and consulting center in the field of heavy-current electrical engineering, specialized in the field of reactive power compensation, electromagnetic compatibility and optimization of electricity consumption. The high demand of the industry for quality services and mainly for products in this field created the basis for the gradual expansion of the company to other areas. More information is available at