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Solitea CDL, a.s. Profile

The business group CDL was founded in Ústí nad Labem on 1 October 1992 through the establishment of CDL SYSTEM s.r.o. The name CDL is based on three different lines of business activities, which were substantial at the time of the company's establishment - computer design (CAD), electronic publishing (DTP) and computer networks (LAN). In 1996 the company was changed from a limited liability company to a joint stock company. Later, we founded the daughter company CDL SYSTEM, s.r.o. (2005) based in Bratislava.

We actively operate in Prague (branch established in 2003), in Zlín (branch established in 2004) and in Bratislava (daughter company established in 2005). The CDL Group currently has approximately 85 employees and a turnover of around €9.3 million including our own high added value.

On September 20, 2017, became CDL SYSTEM a.s. a member of the IT holding Solitea, a.s., which is one of the largest suppliers of accounting and enterprise information systems (ERP) in the Central European region and in the Balkans, is serving hundreds of thousands of small businesses with cloud services iDoklad and Minimax. Solitea also offers payroll outsourcing and successfully implements large-scale, tailor-made projects both domestically and abroad - for example, the implementation of the information system of the Finnish customs administration TULLI. For more information, visit and

Since 1.9.2018, the company has a new name - Solitea CDL, a.s. The main goal of changing the name is to make the CDL more accountable to the Solitea group.

The Solitea CDL, a.s. focuses on the following basic activities:

  • construction of IT infrastructure,
  • design and implementation of systems supporting cooperation,
  • implementation of information systems (ERP, CRM) and vertical solutions including analysis (BI),
  • specialized IT services (studies, outsourcing, cloud computing)

We cooperate with world leading manufacturers (for example with HPE, Microsoft), where our staff obtains professional certificates which demonstrate high qualifications of our employees.

The aim of our company activities is to provide the best technologies available on today's market. These products and technologies are further enhanced by a high standard of accompanying services helping our customers to maintain high competitiveness in various professional fields or business activities.

Solitea CDL, a.s. has been cooperating for a long time with Ústí Community Foundation, which deals with donations. This allows us to systematically support needed projects handled by nonprofit organizations in Ústí nad Labem and its surrounding area.